Native Ceremony 

CEREMONY Experiencing indigenous rituals and traditions can be transforming. European and American business executives who have joined Lead Feather's journeys have found the experience new, unforgettable, and deeply satisfying. Guided by ancient spiritual and cultural wisdom, our leaders will welcome us to participate in these sacred ceremonies, which may include talking circles, drumming and singing circles, sacred fire ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, storytelling, and sweat lodges. Here is a quick description of a few of the ceremonies that are often enjoyed on our journeys.

TALKING CIRCLES Long ago, all members of the tribe would gather at the sacred fire to share their knowledge, wisdom, and oral traditions. In the modern day, some Natives still practice this spirit-grounding and respectful ceremony to communicate and facilitate similar outcomes. We all carry ancient and modern wisdom with us in our everyday lives, and this ceremony allows us to share our stories under the open sky.

67231236538350drumming.JPGDRUMMING AND SINGING CIRCLES Ojibwa tradition teaches that drumming is the heartbeat of the earth. As you drum with our spirit guides, you may feel your own heartbeat align with the pounding of the earth-drum. These songs are prayers and the tone is passionate. Native drumming fills the soul with its deep resonance and beautiful songs.

THE SWEAT LODGE This culminating ‘journey within a journey' is a ceremony that facilitates internal and external purification. This re-birthing ceremony was traditionally used to pray for the challenges that face humanity, and is also used today to help us cleanse and connect our bodies to the earth. Representing the Earth's womb, the Sweat Lodge is built on the bare earth and covered in canvas. Glowing, fire-baked rocks join our group inside the lodge, and they bring both a physical and spiritual presence that will center our mind and body. Our Spirit Guide will lead us through prayer songs that begin as the door is sealed. When the last echoes of the drumming have faded in the darkness, one will emerge from the lodge with an emotional and physical release of toxins and burdens.