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Spring 2010 Baja Personal Leadership Journey
Kayaking journey in the Baja Peninsula in Southeastern Mexico

NESTLED BETWEEN THE Pacific Ocean on the west and the Sea of Cortez on the east, the Baja Peninsula is a land of contrasts and rugged beauty.  For good reason, this Mexican terrain is now one of the most popular winter kayaking destinations in North America.  The Peninsula's coves and coastlines are fringed with endless miles of wilderness, setting an ideal stage for sea kayak exploration. This spectacular shoreline offers more than just striking scenery and warm, sunny weather.  There's also superb snorkeling, hiking, fishing, and beachcombing to pursue. Dolphins and whales are at play in clear water.  Pelicans plunge seaward from the blue skies and osprey roost on tall cactus. This is our paradise.  We invite you to truly experience Baja with Lead Feather. 

Our adventure begins in Loreto, a former Jesuit mission town only a short flight from Los Angeles.  From Loreto, we'll paddle through the turquoise waters of Loreto Bay National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez, visit deserted islands, and seek close encounters with whales.  We'll sleep on a sandy beach beneath a star-filled sky more luminous than one could imagine. 

CEREMONY   Experiencing indigenous rituals and traditions can be transforming.  European and American business executives who have joined Lead Feather's journeys have found the experience new, unforgettable, and deeply satisfying.  Guided by ancient spiritual and cultural wisdom, our leaders will welcome us to participate in these sacred ceremonies, which may include talking circles, drumming and singing circles, sacred fire ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, storytelling, and sweat lodges.  Please follow the following link for a quick description of a few of the ceremonies that are often enjoyed on our journeys: Ceremonies 

YOUR GUIDES   In addition to our Spirit Guides, we'll be accompanied by veteran outdoor guides and wilderness educators. You can rest assured that your comfort and safety are in professional hands. With Lead Feather, your time is spent connecting. Our professionals take care of the rest. 

ACTIVITY LEVEL   Lead Feather's Baja journey is mildly strenuous, so you will need to be in relatively good shape to participate.  You'll need to be able to paddle, hike, and sleep in a tent (on a camping pad).  We are teachers, so no previous paddling or camping experience is necessary-just a willing mind and reasonably able body.  Please contact us if you have questions about the activity level or if you would like a more detailed explanation of the program. 


2010 CALENDAR DATES   The gray whales' annual 10,000-12,000-mile migration between Baja's calving lagoons and the cold Arctic seas is the longest known migration of any mammal (Consider that the distance from London to Los Angeles is only 5442 miles). Lead Feather can accommodate your group's needs between mid-February 2010 through mid-March 2010, since this is the best window to view the Gray whales before they embark on a long journey north. Additional dates may be available, so please contact us for further information. 

FLIGHT INFORMATION   Your most reliable travel recommendation is flying into Los Angeles, CA (LAX), and connecting to Loreto (LTO).  Not a big fan of US customs? You may also choose to secure both flights in Mexico by flying into Mexico City (MEX) with a connecting flight to Loreto.  No matter what your path to Loreto, we'll be there to greet you on the other end. 

DAY ONE   Your group will be met at LTO and is transported to your evening's accommodation, Hotel Oasis.  We'll welcome you with an opening ceremony and orientation, then rest well for the adventure to come. 

DAYS TWO THROUGH FIVE   Ground transportation will be provided to take us to Puerto Escondido, where we'll launch our sea kayaks.  The following four, glorious days will be spent kayaking along the shoreline and islands with the potential to share the sea with dolphins, blue whales, humpbacks, and finbacks.  We will spend our evenings camped along the pristine beaches under the fabulous evening stars.  Balancing our adventure time with Native-American ceremonies and relaxed conversation, we will utilize both scheduled activities and ‘downtime' as tools to facilitate our connection with nature, each other, and ourselves. 

DAY FIVE AFTERNOON   We will finish the paddle back at Puerto Escondido, head back to the Hotel Oasis to clean up and reintroduce ourselves to civilization.  Taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to experience the local Mexican culture, our top priority for the evening will be a feast in Loreto. 

DAY SIX, MORNING   We will be transported to the Pacific side of the Peninsula to Puerto Lopez Mateo for a whale watching tour.  We will spend a few hours on intimate boats in hopes of getting close (and possibly petting) the magnificent gray whales.  Once we've exhausted the batteries in our cameras, we'll spend a final night in the Hotel Oasis in Loreto. 

DAY SEVEN   Reluctantly, but safely, we'll travel home.  We'll keep in touch. 

FEES AND CONTACT INFORMATION   Again, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss fees or dates for your group.