Lead Feather's Journeys:

CONNECTION   Lead Feather journeys are about rediscovering your authentic self through a powerful combination of indigenous wisdom and wilderness encounter.  Our journeys lead people like you-energetic, curious, and successful adults with busy urban lives-to stronger and healthier connections with the natural world, with your families and colleagues, and with your unique personal legacy.  We hope you will join us for an unforgettable experience that will deepen your appreciation of your place and purpose in the world we share.

ENVIRONMENT   Spending time in nature, once a given, is now a rarity for many of us-especially those of us in overscheduled, tech-mediated corporate environments.  Yet experiencing the natural world with all five senses remains a vital part of healthy human development.  Many of us remember growing up with plenty of unstructured time outdoors, during which we explored the world from creek to treetop.  On this journey, we'll bring back that forgotten pastime together, freeing ourselves to experience the natural world deeply and directly.  By the end of our journey, we'll have recaptured that once-familiar pleasure of being at home-and at our best-in nature.

INDIGENOUS WISDOM   Our Spirit Guides on the wilderness journeys include extraordinary individuals from the Ojibwa community of Michigan. Unlike many Native American leaders, our Spirit Guides are committed to sharing their tribe's spiritual heritage and cultural knowledge with modern society's leaders and future leaders. 

INDIGENOUS CEREMONY   Experiencing indigenous rituals and traditions can be transforming.  European and American business executives who have joined Lead Feather's journeys have found the experience new, unforgettable, and deeply satisfying.  Guided by ancient spiritual and cultural wisdom, our leaders will welcome us to participate in these sacred ceremonies, which may include talking circles, drumming and singing circles, sacred fire ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, storytelling, and sweat lodges.  Please follow the following link for a quick description of a few of the ceremonies that are often enjoyed on our journeys: Click Here

YOUR GUIDES   In addition to our Spirit Guides, we'll be accompanied by veteran outdoor guides and wilderness educators. You can rest assured that your comfort and safety are in professional hands. With Lead Feather, your time is spent connecting. Our professionals take care of the rest. 

EATING WELL IN THE FIELD   Good food.  There is no substitute for eating healthy, nutritious, and professionally prepared food in the backcountry.  In addition to providing great meals, our chefs will also gladly meet any special dietary needs.  (Just let us know in advance.)

NEW SKILLS AND TEACHABLE MOMENTS   Our guides have the experience and passion to make backcountry travel both comfortable and exciting.  Many of our participants have never stepped foot into the backcountry before their  Lead Feather journey, but become avid adventurers once they return home.  Once again, a willingness to learn is our only prerequisite.

SAFETY   Backcountry and wilderness travel have their inherent risks.  Our experience in the field, risk management training, and medical preparation ensure that every Lead Feather journey is as safe as possible. 

PASSIONATELY FUN   Safety may be #1, but having fun is a close second.  You'll quickly see that our team's style is to laugh hard and love life.  Our purpose may be serious, but we and our participants enjoy every second of it.