Our Intentions

We have big plans!

In addition to the existing Journeys we offer, we intend to uphold our commitment to social and ecological responsibility as well as promote cultural stewardship and connection by realizing the paths illustrated here.It is our hope to develop an eco-friendly campus facility that includes a fully operating farm, main lodge, outbuildings, yurts and cabins where clients will stay, and spaces for learning and empowering to take place. The Lead Feather campus will be a place based educational facility that is designed to model sustainable living. The many dreams for this facility include:

  • Operating an educational and community based organic farm that will supply food for our programs
  • Constructing buildings with the environment in mind by utilizing “green building” techniques.
  • Offering a wide variety of outdoor recreational pursuits such as hiking, nature study, cross country skiing trails, etc.
  • Providing conference and workshop spaces.
  • Providing  a sustainable lodging experience for participants, public, and staff
  • Creating a local center for indigenous practices and ceremony ( i.e. a Learning Lodge  Sweat Lodge, and Talking Circle Space) 
  • Building an adventure course that includes a climbing wall, ropes course, storage space and eco-cabin housing or camp area for overnight participants. 
  • Offering scholarships for low-income families and native people looking to re-connect with their heritage through our programs.

All of these components will perpetuate and empower our connections to the environment and cultural wisdom, thus building a sustainable future for our participants as well as our business.


The Green Buildings and Sustainable Lodging
As a business, we recognize the impact we can have on the environment.  In setting a standard for ourselves and neighboring organizations, we will utilize modern alternative energy methods, green building techniques, grey & rainwater retention, and various other methods to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint.


Utilizing the teachable moments of our facility construction, Lead Feather will gain the support of local builders and community organizations by hosting green-building workshops and classes during construction phases. These classes and workshops will be open to the general public free of charge to promote the importance of eco-conscious living and building practices. 


The Lead Feather Facility
The Lead Feather Facilities will host the Main Lodge and Conference Space where our program orientations will begin.  Corporate groups, church group, community or school groups will feel at home, meeting in our conference area with natural light, natural reclaimed lumber, and eco-friendly paints and building materials.  The kitchen will be a place of creating love and energy for the food our participants will enjoy.  Oh yeah, and our office will also be in this space.  At some point we will have to stop dreaming and get to work!


The Adventure Learning Barn
In keeping with Vermont tradition, we will house our ropes course, climbing wall and gear storage in a classic Vermont style barn, minimizing our visual impact and blending in to the surrounding countryside as much as possible. 


Land and Sacred Spaces
Amongst the physical structures at the Lead Feather facility we will also create an outdoor environment that encourages inspiration and reflection.  These spaces will include a “Learning Lodge” where sacred fires and talking circles will be held, a sweat lodge to cleanse the toxins and negative energy from our bodies, various eco-cabins [sustainable lodging units for our visitors], staff housing, a campground, and outdoor amphitheater. Additional facilities may be added for rental spaces for private businesses (a bakery, woodshop, blacksmith, etc.) or other mission related non-profits organizations.


The Farm:
Getting our fingers dirty and crunching on veggies pulled straight from the ground is high on the priority list at the Farm.  The Farm’s organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and native plants will sustain staff members, and Lead Feather programs.  In addition we plan to incorporate a Community Supported Agriculture program to provide the community with low cost produce and strengthen our community minded goals.  Using organic farming practices as an educational tool, the farm will host workshops, educational and volunteer programs that support our overall goal of strengthening our connection with the earth.  


Lead Feather is a continually growing entity, as spirit inspires and guides us to meet the evolving needs of our social, cultural, and ecological changes. Please check back often to see what plans we have our dreams set on next! 



The Lead Feather Team