The ‘Lead’ feathers are the flight feathers on the tip of an eagles (and other birds’) wing that are long, stiff, and symmetrically paired on the wings or tail of a bird. Their primary function is to aid in the generation of lift, thereby enabling flight. These feathers are especially important for flapping flight, as they are the principal source of thrust, moving the bird forward through the air. From a metaphorical perspective, we can easily link our mission to the lead feather’s purpose. We are generating thrust and lift for a cultural shift and awakened environmental responsibility. We also associate with the physical qualities of a feather. It is extremely light and delicate, yet it can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and pounding winds through strength and flexibility.


Additionally, this name easily connects with our Native American programming since the feather plays such a vital and clear role in Native American culture (especially since discovering a ‘Lead’ eagle feather in the wilderness is a coveted experience).  People in the native community have identified with the message this name conveys. “Lead Feather” suggests both strength and delicacy, and will be particularly resonant with people who have experienced Native American culture and ceremony.  To us, our name is very humbling, and this is the intention with which we will facilitate our programs.



                The Lead Feather Team